Villa Alexandros is a residence of traditional architecture, made of stone, 220m2, with a capability to accommodate up to 8 people. The owners’ good taste together with the experience and know –how of local workmen has created an outstanding place of relaxation and tranquility.
Inside the villa one feels he lives in another age, while he can enjoy all contemporary luxuries. Villa Alexandros is surrounded by large verandas, which give the visitor the opportunity to gaze into the Ionian Sea and the amazing colours of the sun setting through the verdure of pine forest.



Villa Alexandros is situated in the western mountains of Zakynthos, in the village of Kiliomenos at an altitude of 550m above it and in a panoramic position in a fenced area of 6 acres.
Kiliomenos the village, with its long architectural tradition, is located 500m from the villa. There is still traditionally cooperative "Melissiotises", silversmiths ,rides with horses and a brewery "Ambelostrates".
At a distance of 7 kilometers you will find the secluded rocky beach of the village in which the endangered species of “Monaxou-Monaxou seal monks live.
South of kiliomenos within 10 kilometers, there are plenty of sandy beaches and the habitat of sea turtle “Caretta-Caretta.
In the next village “Agios Leon” there are rocky beaches and the traditional tavern “Porto Limionas”.



Next to the pool is the sheltered barbeques equipped with traditional wooden oven and electric rotisseries. In the same area there is the area of the dining room, sink, cupboards and utensils.
Natural ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables from our garden, spices from the mountain, cheese and meats from surrounding farms constitute the menu for those who choose food to eat in the villa. The presence of the owners Dionysis and Anastasia outside of being intimate and discreet they are also instrumental in completing traditional food in the BBQ area along with the visitors. Experience in the kneading and baking bread in the wooden oven is unique. Flavors of traditional cuisine such as beef stew, rabbit oregano, polpetes meatballs, stuffed chickens, moussaka, stuffed tomatoes and peppers frame the menu that can be enjoyed on the villa escorted by ecological home-made wine.





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